[Bug 55477] Add a solution to map a realm name to a security role

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[Bug 55477] Add a solution to map a realm name to a security role

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--- Comment #12 from Michael Osipov <[hidden email]> ---
(In reply to Christopher Schultz from comment #11)

> Given Context.addRoleMapping, it looks like MappingRealm just becomes a
> place for role mappings to be collected and set on the Context when the
> component is initialized. The code can be simplified greatly in this case.
> While I think this implementation will work, I think it might be
> better-suited to add it to RealmBase to allow any realm to re-map roles. It
> will also make configuration slightly simpler because you only need one
> <Realm> instead of two.
> Stefan, are you still willing to pursue this patch?

I am not convinced by that approach. I have provided a possible idea which
decoupled from the realm. I want to pick this up b/c I have am already using a
mapping feature.

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