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Digicert code signing


Just a heads up that the annual renewal of the client certificate we use
to access the Digicert code signing service for release builds is
currently failing with a 404 mid-way through the renewal process.

The current certificate is valid until for another 4 weeks so we should
have time to sort this out. I am currently attempting to contact support.

On a related topic I was expecting this service to have been retired by
now and replaced with the new one. I got access to the test instance and
it is very configurable (which is good) but I quickly got to the point
where I needed to talk through with Digicert how best to configure it
for the ASF. Things have been stick at this point for a couple of months

And now support are denying the service still exists... Sigh. I'll
update the list with progress - if I ever manage to make some.


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