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[Tomcat Wiki] Update of "Building Tomcat on MacOS" by ChristopherSchultz

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The "Building Tomcat on MacOS" page has been changed by ChristopherSchultz:

New page:
Building Tomcat from source on MacOS can require some additional work, especially if you want to build all of the optional items such as libtcnative.

== Building Tomcat==
Building Tomcat itself is fairly straightforward. Simply download the source distribution of Tomcat and follow the indtructions in the BUILDING.txt file bundled with the distribution.

Briefly, you'll need:

 1. The Tomcat source tarball (the ZIP file is fine, but we're on UNIX, so the tarball is more natural)
 1. A Java Development Kit, available from [[https://jdk.java.net/|Java.net]]
 1. Apache ant, available from the [[https://ant.apache.org/bindownload.cgi|Apache ant downloads]] page

Once you have all that,

 {{{ant deploy}}}

You may have to set your {{{JAVA_HOME}}} environment variable and/or specify the full path to your {{{ant}}} binary.

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