Tomcat restart leaving mod_jk threads in CLOSE_WAIT status

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Tomcat restart leaving mod_jk threads in CLOSE_WAIT status

Mike Millson
There was an issue where using mod_jk with the AJP13 protocol and
restarting Tomcat left the mod_jk connections from Apache to Tomcat in
CLOSE_WAIT status. The only thing that would free them was if you
restarted Apache.

I have in my notes that this issue was fixed w/ the 1.2.6 connector
release. However, I am still seeing this behavior on Solaris running
Apache 1.3.27 + mod_jk 1.2.6 (binary version downloaded from Jakarta
website) + Tomcat 4.1.30.

I know that I don't have this problem on RedHat Enterprise Linux 3. I
can restart Tomcat w/o having to restart Apache. Is this a bug related
to the Solaris version of mod_jk? Anyone out there able to successfully
restart Tomcat on Solaris w/o having to restart Apache?

Thank you,

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