how to configure per-host logging with rsyslogd

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how to configure per-host logging with rsyslogd

Jerry Lin

I'm running tomcat9 on Debian 10 (systemd). The logging appears to go
through rsyslog.d and there is a /etc/rsyslog.d/tomcat9.conf that
seems to govern the location of the logs:

:programname, startswith, "tomcat9" {

My setup is that I have multiple virtual hosts running (i.e. different
sites), and I would like the messages for the different WAR
files/hosts to end up in different log files (e.g. , How do I do this?

Things that I've tried:
1. Modifying /etc/rsyslog.d/tomcat9.conf and introducing templates
with %HOSTNAME% template, which just ends up with the name of the
machine, rather than the website.
2. Modifying /etc/tomcat9/; this seems to be
overridden by /etc/rsyslog.d/tomcat9.conf.

Thanks for your help,

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