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svn commit: r1848291 - /tomcat/trunk/java/org/apache/jasper/resources/

Author: markt
Date: Thu Dec  6 11:38:55 2018
New Revision: 1848291

Remove unused term


Modified: tomcat/trunk/java/org/apache/jasper/resources/
--- tomcat/trunk/java/org/apache/jasper/resources/ [UTF-8] (original)
+++ tomcat/trunk/java/org/apache/jasper/resources/ [UTF-8] Thu Dec  6 11:38:55 2018
@@ -114,7 +114,6 @@ jsp.error.mandatory.attribute=[{0}]: Man
 jsp.error.missing.tagInfo=TagInfo object for [{0}] is missing from TLD
 jsp.error.missing_attribute=According to the TLD or the tag file, attribute [{0}] is mandatory for tag [{1}]
 jsp.error.missing_var_or_varReader=Missing 'var' or 'varReader' attribute
-jsp.error.multiple.jsp=Cannot have multiple specifications of
 jsp.error.namedAttribute.invalidUse=jsp:attribute must be the subelement of a standard or custom action
 jsp.error.needAlternateJavaEncoding=Default java encoding [{0}] is invalid on your java platform. An alternate can be specified via the ''javaEncoding'' parameter of JspServlet.
 jsp.error.nested.jspattribute=A jsp:attribute standard action cannot be nested within another jsp:attribute standard action

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